Canopy Cleaning

Commercial kitchens are always busy, active as well as heated and are full of cookware’s and equipment which help chefs to cook and meet the orders effectively and efficiently.

Basically a Commercial kitchen consists of different constituents like canopy hood, exhaust fan, duct which gets filled with oil and grease that traps the heat and smoke to escape through the exhaust fan.

 When the equipment are not properly cleaned they become dangerous. the accumulation of the grease and grime by the canopies for several days makes it a risk factor for catching fire. Thus, it is necessary that to make the kitchen safe place to work.

Also, the unhealthy atmosphere created due to the absorbed materials in the canopy, the pests and insects get a chance to breed and grow.

We are here to help you getting your kitchen canopy clean and removing fire risk making the restraint a clean and safe working place.

We promise to deliver the best service and maintain a healthy and safe working condition of the kitchen and equipment’s. We ensure that all the cleaning standards will be followed, and proper decorum will be maintained.


Kitchens are used to prepare different varieties and different cuisines leading to usage of excessive oil which along with dust gets accumulated in the form of grease on the equipment and filters. Filters must be cleaned regularly not only for visual wellness but for preventing it from catching fire as well.


Canopy hood is the most important part of the canopy cleaning process as maximum of the oil and grease gets collected and sticks on the walls of the canopy hood which needs a detail clean as the oil and grime makes the canopy hood filthy and blocks the gutter. On an average, detail clean is recommended after every 3 months depending on the usage of the canopy and type of food being cooked in the kitchen.


Cleaning the kitchen equipment’s is a mandatory task for maintaining the safety, health and the wellness on a regular interval. Eliminating stickiness and grime is must as these equipment’s are to be used daily and if they remain unclean it can be a subject to people’s health and safety which is absolutely not acceptable.


Exhaust fan play a vital role by eliminating the hot smoky air out of the room i.e. the kitchen. This leads to sticking of grease and grime on the blades which restricts the functioning of the blade and the purpose of installing the fan will not be solved. To ensure proper functioning of the exhaust fans, A proper clean is recommended.

Our teams are trained and ensure of giving high quality cleanliness and making your kitchen look like new again.

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